Let’s be honest, high schools are some of the darkest places in the entire world, and the ONLY person that can turn darkness into light is Jesus. Our goal is to let Jesus shine within high schools everywhere. Ignite is a student-led organization that brings other students into a welcoming environment to make lasting friendships, engage in worship, and grow in their relationship with Jesus. The “student-led” aspect of Ignite is so attractive to students who are apprehensive about growing in their faith because they are able to connect with other students in different ways than they connect with older pastors or youth group leaders. Students can relate to other students, and truly understand what it means to be in love with Jesus. We want to show our peers how great our God truly is. We want students to encounter their Father. We want God to ignite a flame in the hearts of students everywhere. 1 Timothy 4:12

Mission Statement

To Ignite a flame in the hearts of students and to inspire them to change the atmosphere of their communities with the love of Jesus.


Abby Dalton

Growing up I was expected to be the "perfect" child out of 3. My two older brothers were either having sex or dealing drugs. I saw how that affected their relationships with our parents, family members, and how much it affected their relationships. It put a bad taste in my mouth when I thought about their salvation. They went to church, but not voluntarily...

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Justin Lok

Ignite has impacted me so much in my life but Christ has impacted me much more. On July 20, 2016 I surrendered my life to Christ at a student conference called Gateway Student Conference. It was one of the best days ever in my life. After being so in loved with getting to know Christ I was finding ways to get to know him more.

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Abby Hurd

Ignite has truly changed my life; I will never forget when I got that text from Michael and Jess back in May, inviting me to this small gathering called "Ignite." I was extremely hesitant to go at first but every time I went it got better and better. The moment that hooked me though was one of Jess's testimonies about acceptance...

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Shae Clark

Fear & doubt seem like the biggest things in the world. And if you aren't careful, they can turn your life around. I've always believed in God. I grew up in church, both of my parents are pastors, but like always, Satan likes to creep in and try to turn you against God or make you forget who God REALLY is. I had trouble believing I was loved and i was afraid that I was alone.

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